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“The Volvo XC60 T8 Twin Engine is plug-in hybrid SUV that proves efficient cars can also be sleek, desirable and fast – but it’s rather expensive”

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3.8 out of 5

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2.0 out of 5

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  • Electrics, Engine, Other (1 cases)

Owner Review

2 out of 5


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Average annual mileage

5,000 – 9,999


1 - 2 years

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Mainly drive in London with some occasional long trips outside the M25, and thought the XC60 plug in hybrid would suit my needs well, and it has - with 70% urban driving giving 48mpg over the long term. The impressive interior and super comfortable seats were added bonuses, and the large glass sunroof lifts the light levels on even the dreariest days. The main problem is that it’s not a very well-executed car otherwise. Here are a few of the issues: 1) The brake pedal response is very inconsistent, making it hard to drive the car smoothly. 2) Nine times out of 10, the collision warning system activates, it’s a false alarm. Twice the car has for no reason activated emergency braking and brought itself to a halt - on both occasions nearly causing a crash (following vehicles weren’t prepared for my car to stop sharply and for no reason). 3) Periodically, the car changes the radio station to Absolute Radio, unprompted by me. 4) The radio periodically cuts all sound and can’t be restored via the volume controls or voice controls. Radio resumes on the next journey. 5) The car can’t manage more than modest acceleration easily. If wanting to move away briskly (e.g. turning out of a side road onto a main road and driving uphill) the car starts moving under electric power, then starts the petrol engine, but fails to engage the transmission (to the petrol engine), leaving the petrol engine screaming away at very high revs but the car still doing 10-15mph. Petrol engine engages drive about a quarter of a mile afterwards but that’s far too slow. 6) Petrol engine is very gruff / rough sounding. Almost gravelly. A six cylinder engine would have been far more pleasant to listen to. 7) Periodically the car won’t shut off. 8) There’s no key as such - rather a fob with an on/off switch in place of ignition key. 9) Recently the car has refused to shut off the petrol motor - most recently last week on a day when I had to leave for the airport to go to a funeral. Neither customer services at Volvo could advise how to force the engine to switch off and the system to shut down, and with the petrol engine running you can’t lock the car from the outside. Big problem if you have to go, can’t wait for breakdown cover people to arrive, and park on the road at home. So I had to disconnect the 12volt battery in the boot, leave for the funeral, and hope that would eventually force the car to shut down. Obviously it wasn’t possible to lock the car, so I had to leave it on the road, unlocked, and hope it was still there when I got home four days later. This has really drained my confidence in the car. Overall, I wouldn't recommend the car because of the worrying reliability and potentially dangerous safety systems. If you can specify a model without those, and don’t really like driving very much (this is a cumbersome car to drive - absolutely no driving enjoyment) you may find this a comfortable practical car with a very good interior. But it’s certainly not for me.

2 out of 5

See above. Problematic collision warning systems; random electrical faults; random radio faults. Not good for a two year old car.

3 out of 5

Adequate if petrol engine is engaged (but sometimes this doesn’t seem connected to the wheels at points it really needs to be). Performance on electric power is sluggish.
Running Cost

3 out of 5

Good economy if you can plug it in regularly. But insurance is expensive and depreciation severe.

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