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Audi A5 coupe - Practicality & boot space

Form may take precedence over function on the Audi A5, but it’s not completely impractical

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4.0 out of 5

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3.7 out of 5

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Practicality & boot space Rating

3.5 out of 5

Understandably, the A5 Coupe does make some practicality sacrifices in the name of a rakish, sporty appearance – few two-door cars are as easy to live with as a saloon or five-door hatchback. However, if you accept that the rear seats are only for occasional use, you’ll find the A5 easy to live with day-to-day, with a big boot adding to its appeal as a luxurious car for weekend trips away.

Audi A5 interior space & storage

While few will have any trouble accessing the front of the A5, getting into the back seats can be a bit of a struggle due to that swoopy roof. But once in, you’ll find enough room for a couple of average-sized adults, although anyone over about six feet tall may well find their head brushing the roof. It’ll prove quite cramped on long journeys.

Boot capacity

The A5’s boot is a bit smaller than the A4’s but the 450 litres on offer is by no means stingy compared to the A5’s rivals. It’s about the same size as the BMW 4 Series and at least 70 litres more than the Mercedes C-Class Coupe offers. It’s also nigh-on 90 litres more than you’ll find in the Lexus RC.

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