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Mitsubishi Shogun SUV (2007-2019) - Engines, drive & performance

The Mitsubishi Shogun offers go-anywhere dependability, but a pretty rough driving experience on the road

The Shogun offers just one diesel engine, but it’s at least gutsy enough to tackle most situations on or off-road. This car’s dependability is its biggest asset – the low-down grunt from that engine gives it the ability to tow virtually anything, climb steep hills and wade through up to 700mm of water.

The four-wheel-drive system has low-range gearing to get you out of thick mud or snow and makes the Shogun much more capable in the rough stuff than most SUVs of its size. Only truly rugged 4x4s like the Toyota Land Cruiser and Land Rover Defender can genuinely rival the Shogun in this respect.

On the downside, the suspension runs into some real difficulties on-road, allowing lots of body lean through corners and giving an unsettled ride on anything but the smoothest surface.

Think of the Shogun as more of a dependable workhorse than anything else and you may be able to get over the coarse driving experience. In some ways, it’s a more luxurious Land Rover Defender rival rather than a direct competitor to the classier Land Rover Discovery.

Mitsubishi Shogun diesel engine

There's only one engine available in the Shogun – a 197bhp 3.2-litre diesel with a decent amount of power. The short-wheelbase version is naturally quicker than the long-wheelbase, with the former taking 10.4 seconds and the latter a longer 11.1 to get from 0-62mph. The Shogun is not exactly a sprightly car, then, but you have to bear in mind its intended use.

Lots of vibrations make their way into the cabin and the engine sound never goes away completely. It's gutsy, however, accelerating the Shogun with little effort and giving it the ability to tow virtually anything.

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