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Porsche Cayenne SUV - Interior & comfort

The Porsche Cayenne is attractive inside and remarkably comfortable given its handling capabilities

Carbuyer Rating

3.9 out of 5

Interior & comfort Rating

4.5 out of 5

Remarkably, the Cayenne balances its impressive performance and handling with a relaxed demeanor when all you want to do is cover miles effortlessly. At motorway speeds, it conceals the noise kicked up by those huge tyres very convincingly and wind noise from around the windscreen and mirrors isn't too noticeable either. Thanks to its air suspension, the ride is smooth on most surfaces, too. It's firm rather than floaty, but bumps are absorbed very well, which is surprising given the heavy SUV's cornering agility.

Porsche Cayenne dashboard

The latest Cayenne has a dashboard that's more similar to Porsche's sports car range than its predecessor, and has a look that Porsche Panamera drivers will find familiar. True to tradition, the driver sits behind a large, central rev counter, but this is flanked with decidedly modern high-definition seven-inch information screens that can be configured with a broad range of settings.

You sit slightly lower than in most rival SUVs and this contributes to a sporting feel, while the tall central tunnel between driver and front passenger gives the sensation that you're hunkered down in the cockpit. Build and material quality both meet the high standards we have come to expect of Porsche, although the high button count is a little intimidating.

The central infotainment display is a glossy 12.3-inch touchscreen, which is flush-mounted and very attractive. It's not compatible with Android Auto and isn't quite as user-friendly as the systems offered in rival cars from Mercedes and BMW, but Apple CarPlay is supported.


Every Cayenne has a fairly steep price tag, but generous standard equipment goes some way to justifying the expense. The dashboard is dominated by the same excellent 12.3-inch HD touchscreen found in the latest Panamera, while the front and rear seats are heated and a surround-sound stereo is included.

The Turbo comes in at around £100,000 and wears a unique style of 21-inch alloy wheel, expressing its power with colour-coded wheelarch extensions and quad exhaust pipes. LED head and tail-lights are standard.


While Cayenne standard equipment is far from lacking, Porsche is renowned for offering lengthy options lists. You could spend around £1,400 on adaptive electric front seats, or around the same again on a panoramic sunroof, or £2,600 on adaptive air suspension and another £2,300 or so on Porsche dynamic chassis control. There are a huge number of options to choose from – and none of them are cheap – so be careful when adding features to your Cayenne.

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