BMW X1 SUV (2010-2015) - MPG, running costs & CO2

Avoid the petrol model and the BMW X1 offers affordable running costs

Carbuyer Rating

3.0 out of 5

MPG, running costs & CO2 Rating

3.2 out of 5

Two-wheel-drive versions of the BMW X1 offer the best fuel economy and the 2.0-litre diesel with BMW’s EfficientDynamics technology is the most frugal model in the range. It comes with stop-start technology, which rests the engine when you’re stopped in traffic, helping the car to return fuel economy of up to 62.8mpg. CO2 emissions of just 119g/km translate to a road tax bill of only £30 a year. The EfficientDynamics engine is slightly slower than the standard 2.0-litre diesel (which returns 57.6mpg and costs £110 a year to tax), but costs the same to buy.

Despite their names, the 16d, 18d and 25d are all powered by 2.0-litre diesel engines. With just 114bhp, the 16d is the slowest model in the range, but returns fuel economy of 57.6mpg – a figure that’s matched by the 118d. Both cost £110 a year to tax. The 25d is the quickest model in the range thanks to the addition of a second turbocharger. It’s still affordable to run, though, achieving 47.9mpg and emitting 154g/km of CO2 for £180-a-year road tax.

The petrol engine is quick but it makes little sense for most buyers, as it can only return 37.7mpg economy. CO2 emissions of 176g/km translate into pricey annual road tax of £225.

BMW X1 servicing

BMW offers two packages that cover the regular maintenance of your BMW X1. The first is called Service Inclusive and covers the car for five years or 50,000 miles, including MoTs. Replacements and labour are included on everything from the electrics and lighting to the suspension and steering.

Service Inclusive Plus is even more comprehensive and covers wear-and-tear items such as brake discs and pads, plus wiper blades. It lasts for the same period and costs £1,280.

BMW X1 insurance group

Insurance ratings for the BMW X1 range from group 18 for the 16d to group 27 for the top-of-the-range 25d. That means it’ll be cheaper to cover than its direct rival, the Mercedes GLA, which ranges from group 25 to group 44.

BMW X1 warranty

The BMW’s warranty is also more generous than what you get with the Mercedes. It covers the car for three years irrespective of mileage, while the GLA’s cover lasts for a maximum of 60,000 miles.

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