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"The Vauxhall Corsa is more sophisticated than ever, taking the fight to its many rivals"

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3.5 out of 5

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5.0 out of 5

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  • Brakes, Electrics (1 cases)

Owner Review

5 out of 5


1.3 Limited Edition

Year of registration


Average annual mileage

More than 20,000


2 - 3 years

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Typical MPG

I bought this car with 50k miles on it and doubled that within 2 years. This car has been brilliant. It's cheap to insure, tax and run. In all that mileage the only issues I've had were the cruise control not activating during last summer (heat related?) and the EGR light coming on which was to be expected on the miles and was quickly sorted with some EGR valve spray. I achieve 70 mpg on the motorway which is great and easily achieved. It doesn't drop below 50mpg unless I drive it hard around twisty roads. The limited edition looks nicer then standard and makes up for the limited performance in my eyes. People whining about poor power should be buying bigger engines or more performance based cars. It is what it is, a cheap A to B vehicle that isnt ugly. My only issues with the interior are the lack of bluetooth connectivity (sorted on later models I believe) and the upholstery seats. I wish I had either full leather or half leather seats as the sides rub the backs of my arms on long journeys with a t shirt on. Boots big enough for a small car. I agree with others about the brake discs. Spirited driving will wear them quick but they are cheap to replace. I'm going with EBC aftermarket discs next to see if they help. Its probably because they are so small.

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