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"The eighth-generation Volkswagen Golf improves incrementally on the old one in most areas and has a smart new interior"

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4.1 out of 5

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4.0 out of 5

£21,500 - £37,710
100%of people would recommend this car to a friend.

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  • Suspension (1 cases)

Owner Review

4 out of 5


GTE Advance

Year of registration


Average annual mileage

10,000 – 14,999


2 - 3 years

Bought Car


Typical MPG

Decided to scale down on company car size and save a bit of money on company car tax so after trying a BMW330e, Passat GTE and Golf GTE Advance, decided on the Golf GTE Advance. It's OK, but unless you drive like Miss Daisy, it isn't great on fuel at motorway speeds - it is in fact dire. Luckily I spend a lot of time in the office and my commute to and from work is all battery and with free charging at work this saves a small fortune on fuel. Lots of fun though if you press the GTE button. Haven't had any issues with the car it has to be fair been very reliable. The ride is however way too harsh and any imperfections in the road makes the suspension crash and bang, makes we wince on occasions. The leather seats are extremely comfy and the users interface to automatically set different seat, mirror positions and driving modes, by choosing which driver from the dash, great for when the wife needs to use it. I like the ability to be in total control of the warning sound volumes and settings for the anti-collision and active cruise control, after all, we all drive differently. Love being able to control the interior light setting levels for the foot-wells and door handles and blue door card lights, very swish. The auto headlight dip function usually works OK but sometimes falls asleep, so that got turned off. Also the VW mobile app is just superb, car is set to defrost and heat up or cool down via the AC, by either presetting the times or just turning it on via my mobile, I would miss this now. Performance on batteries....28 miles at best if its dry and warm, winter then this is more like 20 miles if you're lucky. Overall after a shade over 20,000 miles its a good car but I certainly wouldn't buy one with my own money at £38,000 (with options) - that's one expensive Golf! Definitely a company car option only IMHO.

5 out of 5

No issues to date

4 out of 5

Quick as you like and plenty of grin factor
Running Cost
Works for me and my circumstances but not good for lots of motorway driving

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