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Top 9 best electric vans 2022

Looking for a low-emissions load-lugger? We run down nine of the best electric vans on sale

The automotive industry is currently going through a radical transition from traditional petrol and diesel combustion engines to electric power. You won’t have missed the drive to electrification in the car world but did you know that electric vans are now big business as well? Here we reveal the 9 best electric vans on sale today. 

Whether you’re a long-time van owner looking to make the step up to something with more space or a business owner who’s new to the van market, now can be a rather confusing time to buy. Do you make the switch to an electric van or not? 

Van finance explained

Electric vans come in all shapes and sizes: from  full size panel vans with over eight cubic metres of cargo volume, to more compact vans based on regular family cars. If you’re not familiar with modern light commercial vehicles, you should be pleasantly surprised by the vans on this list because  they all come with plenty of modern technology and creature comforts such as touchscreen infotainment systems and adaptive cruise control.

One of the main concerns buyers may have when it comes to buying an electric van is range. Most electric vans on sale today have a range of around 150-200 miles. While this should cover the majority of buyers looking to use their van locally, drivers that frequently drive cross-country may be better opting for a traditional diesel-powered van for the time being. Remember, also, that carrying heavy loads will reduce the van’s range so the kind of cargo you’ll be carrying is also a factor.  

Another issue is that electric vans can look rather expensive compared to their combustion-engined counterparts. To encourage more business-owners to go green and invest in an electric van, the Government currently offers a Plug-in Van Grant. This is similar to the incentive provided for electric cars, however the size of the contribution depends on the gross vehicle weight (GVW) of the van you purchase. Smaller vans under 2.5 tonnes are eligible for up to £2,500, while larger vans between 2.5 and 3.5 tonnes qualify for up to £5,000. There are tax and running costs savings attached to electric vans too so it’s important to do your sums before reaching that decision.

Best electric vans to buy now

Read on to see our top picks for the best electric vans on sale:

1. Citroen e-Berlingo / Peugeot e-Partner / Toyota Proace City Electric / Vauxhall Combo-e

  • Priced from: £27,000
  • Range: up to 170 miles

The first entry on our list actually consists of four vans as the Citroen e-Berlingo, Peugeot e-Partner, Toyota Proace City and Vauxhall Combo-e are all rebadged and slightly tweaked versions of the same compact van. All four of these vans share the same 50kWh battery and 134bhp electric motor, allowing for a range of up to 170 miles. However, thanks to 100kW fast charging, they can all be charged from 0-80% in just 30 minutes, meaning you’ll be back on the road in no time at all.

Despite their small dimensions, these vans are relatively practical. You can specify them as a traditional two-seater panel van, or as a four-door, five-seater crew cab. Panel vans can also be ordered in either ‘Standard’ or ‘Long’ configurations, with 3.3 and 3.8 cubic metres of cargo space respectively. All four vans have similar starting prices of just under £30k and come with features like Apple Carplay and Android Auto connectivity. Yet, the Toyota does carry a benefit over its Stellantis-owned siblings by making use of the brand’s impressive 10-year service plan.

2. Citroen e-Dispatch / Peugeot e-Expert / Toyota Proace Electric / Vauxhall Vivaro-e

  • Priced from: £26,450
  • Range: up to 205 miles

Like the smaller e-Berlingo, e-Partner, Proace City and Combo-e models, the Citroen e-Dispatch, Peugeot e-Expert, Toyota Proace Electric and Vauxhall Vivaro-e are a result of the Stellantis-Toyota partnership. These mid-size panel vans are a fine choice for tradespeople or business owners looking to go electric.

The vans all share the same underpinnings but there’s a choice of a 50 or 75kWh battery. While the van with the 50kWh battery can only manage 143 miles on a single charge, the larger 75kWh models can travel up to 205 miles. Both of these batteries come  attached to a 134bhp electric motor  with 100kW fast charging capabilities the larger battery taking 45 minutes to get from 0-80%.

Buyers also have three van lengths to choose from. The longest boasts up to 6.6 cubic metres of cargo volume, if you decide to spec the handy through-loading bulkhead. Plus, a maximum payload capacity of 1,275kg means that carrying heavier items shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Do be aware, however, that loading the van up fully will have a negative impact on your range figures. 

While there is only a single roof height on offer, buyers looking to transport people frequently may be interested in the six-seater crew cab variant.

3. Renault Master E-Tech

  • Priced from: £53,009
  • Range: up to 124 mile

Once called the Renault Master ZE, the newly-renamed Master E-Tech is a large panel van built to be a dependable workhorse, with an electrified twist. 

Renault claims a real-world driving range of 75 miles and while this may sound unimpressive, it takes into account a heavy payload, use of air-conditioning/heating systems and variable driving speeds, which most range figures advertised by manufacturers do not. Charging the 33kWh battery takes around 4 hours using a 7.4kW wall box or public fast charger and the van’s sat-nav can direct you towards the nearest available charger when you’re running low.

The Master E-Tech panel van is available in six different configurations: with two different roof heights and either a short, medium or long wheelbase (the distance between the front and rear wheels). Thanks to a cavernous cargo volume of up to 10.8 cubic metres and a maximum payload of 1,425kg, there are few things the E-Tech can’t carry. Up front, the Renault seats three abreast, with an optional fold-down table on the back of the centre seat for extra working flexibility.

4. Fiat E-Ducato

  • Priced from: £56,625
  • Range: up to 224 miles

Fiat’s E-Ducato is one of the most versatile electric vans on the market. With 3 different lengths and roof heights, this leads to a total of 28 varied configurations to tailor to any businesses’ needs. There are also the options for a five-seater crew cab or a nine-seater passenger van on this large panel van range. The E-Ducato has an impressive maximum payload of up to 1.9 tonnes and cargo area options that range from 10 to 17 cubic metres.

Buyers have a choice between either a 47 or a 79kWh battery, paired with a 121bhp electric motor. These configurations produce range figures of up to 113 miles for the 47kWh battery pack or 224 miles with the 79kWh option. Both versions come as standard with 50kW fast charging capability, which can add up to 62 miles of range in as little as 30 minutes. 

5. Mercedes eSprinter

  • Priced from: £52,000
  • Range: up to 83 miles

If you’re looking for an electric van from a more premium brand, look no further than the Mercedes eSprinter. Essentially an electric version of the popular Mercedes Sprinter large panel van, the eSprinter packs many of the luxuries you’d expect of a Mercedes-Benz passenger car. Air conditioning and a heated driver’s seat come as standard, while artificial leather upholstery and the brilliant MBUX infotainment system are available for an additional cost.

Power comes from a 55kWh battery and 113bhp electric motor, giving the Merc a maximum range of just 83 miles. While 80kW fast charging can top up the eSprinter from 0-80% in half an hour, this is only available as an optional extra. On the plus side, while you are out on the road, the eSprinter is more refined than most other vans on the market. Bear in mind, there is only one configuration of the eSprinter with 11 cubic metres of cargo space and a maximum payload of 731kg. Anyone requiring more capacity will need to look elsewhere.

6. Mercedes eVito

  • Priced from: £43,600
  • Range: up to 162 miles

Just like its larger sibling, the eSprinter, the Mercedes eVito is a slightly more upmarket alternative to other mid-size panel vans like the Citroen e-Dispatch and the Volkswagen e-Transporter. Equipment such as adaptive cruise control, a seven-inch touchscreen, heated seats and a reversing camera all come as standard on even the entry-level trim. Higher spec vans receive chrome exterior styling touches, alloy wheels and leather upholstery.

The eVito has received an update for 2022 which increases the size of its battery from 41 to 66kWh - in turn, boosting range from 93 to 162 miles. The eVito is available in two configurations; L1 and L2, with the latter boasting 6.6 cubic metres of space and a maximum payload capacity of 807kg. 

7. Renault ZOE Van E-Tech

  • Priced from: £29,240
  • Range: up to 233 miles

The Renault Zoe Van E-Tech is the perfect choice for someone looking for a compromise between an electric car and a van. Based on the best-selling ZOE hatchback, the ZOE Van maintains many of our favourite aspects of the passenger car such as a well-made cabin, great tech and superb driving range. The ZOE Van can manage up to 233 miles on a single charge and with the 50 kW rapid charging capability found on top-of-the-range Business+ models, you can get up to 90 miles of range after just 30 minutes plugged-in.

While the ZOE dwarfs other vans in terms of range, it falls short when it comes to cargo space. Given it is based on a supermini around the size of a Ford Fiesta, room is at a premium - with just 1 cubic metre of cargo space and a payload capacity of 457kg. However, this should be enough for some small businesses and the ZOE is a more refined alternative for those who need extra space but still want a car-like driving experience.

8. Maxus e Deliver 3

  • Priced from: £30,000
  • Range: up to 151 miles

A relatively unknown name for UK buyers, Maxus is a Chinese manufacturer that generally focuses on industrial vehicles such as vans and pickup trucks. The e Deliver 3 replaces the outgoing EV30 and packs more tech than before, including a central touchscreen and reversing camera. 

The Maxus is powered by either a 35kWh or a 52.5kWh battery. These can provide a range of between 99 and 151 miles, depending on which battery and wheelbase you choose. Maximum payload capacity is a respectable1,020kg and long-wheelbase models feature 6.3 cubic metres of space in the rear.

9. Citroen e-Relay / Peugeot e-Boxer / Vauxhall Movano-e

  • Priced from: £56,723
  • Range: up to 169 miles

The largely identical large panel vans from the Stellantis brands, the Citroen e-Relay, Peugeot e-Boxer and Vauxhall Movano-e are the next step up the size ladder from the mid-size e-Dispatch, e-Expert and Vivaro-e. Buyers have the choice of two battery sizes: 44kWh or 62kWh. These are mated to a 120bhp electric motor and manage 141 miles and 169 miles respectively. Fast 50kWh charging is also available, allowing for 80% charge in around an hour.

On the inside, these vans are beginning to show their age with a relatively uninspired design and third-party infotainment systems. In the rear, the vehicles are available in a variety of lengths and configurations, including single and double cab arrangements. The maximum load space is 15 cubic metres and, thanks to this being a front-wheel-drive model,  the floor is low, unimpeded by any mechanical parts.

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