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Kia Sorento SUV - MPG, running costs & CO2

Hybrid petrol options should expand the Sorento's appeal

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The Kia Sorento was previously available with just a diesel engine, and while this is still offered, buyers will now have considerably more choice. For a start, there's a new petrol hybrid combo, and this is expected to be joined by a plug-in hybrid shortly after launch.

This will be welcome news for anyone seeking an alternative to diesel power, and the plug-in hybrid should broaden the Sorento's audience, particularly to business users put off the regular Sorento by its position in the most expensive Benefit-in-Kind (BiK) band.

Kia Sorento MPG & CO2

The Sorento Hybrid uses an interesting new powertrain based around Kia's 1.6-litre turbo petrol engine together with a powerful electric motor and 1.49kWh lithium-ion polymer battery pack. CO2 emissions are lower than the diesel, starting from 158g/km, while fuel economy is rated at 40.9mpg. Driven gently, the Sorento can remain in its EV mode for short distances, but harder acceleration sees the petrol engine chime in.

Around 20kg lighter than before, the diesel engine has also been thoroughly redesigned to reduce its internal friction. It's paired with a new eight-speed automatic gearbox that's promised to be more efficient, and fuel economy is 42.2mpg - up from 39.2mpg for the old model. CO2 emissions have been cut from 190g/km to 176g/km, but this still places the diesel Sorento firmly in the top BiK band.

Annual VED (tax) for the Sorento will be £140 for the Hybrid and £150 for the diesel, but most versions cost more than £40,000, increasing VED to £465 and £475 respectively in years two to six.

Insurance groups

Insurance is also likely to be fairly pricey, given that the Sorento is a big, powerful SUV. The outgoing model occupied groups from 24-27 out of 50, which were slightly lower than those of the Land Rover Discovery Sport.


Ever since Kia launched its seven-year/100,000-mile warranty with the Kia Ceed in 2007, it has been a key selling point for buyers. It can also be transferred between owners for no extra cost, helping boost resale values. The mechanical warranty is backed up by a 12-year anti-perforation warranty for the bodywork and a five-year paint warranty.


Servicing is needed once a year or every 10,000 miles for the hybrid and every 20,000 miles for the diesel, whichever arrives first. The Sorento can also be covered by 'Kia Care' service plans, giving buyers the option of paying for maintenance on a monthly basis.

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